Alan’s artistic journey is characterised by a dynamic exploration of form and medium, where each piece is meticulously crafted to encapsulate its conceptual essence. Through experimentation and adaptation, he seamlessly transitions between mediums, ensuring that his work remains true to its foundational solidity while evolving in captivating new directions.

Confident in his embrace of simplicity, Alan deftly navigates intangible themes such as emotions, feelings, and relationships, imbuing his creations with unexpected depth and resonance. His approach involves a delicate balance of reduction and removal, where techniques of subtraction unveil layers of meaning beneath the surface. By eschewing traditional methods of layering and addition, Alan uncovers beauty and hidden significance, emphasising depth and richness in his artistry.

His artistic repertoire spans a diverse array of mediums, each offering a unique avenue to explore abstract forms. As boundaries blur between the physical and digital realms, he embraces emerging technologies, incorporating augmented reality to augment and elevate his artistic vision. With an inherent curiosity for the intersection of art and technology, Alan explores the intriguing possibilities of digital expression while remaining rooted in the tangible allure of traditional artistry.